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Gratitude over Christmas Chaos

Tips for encouraging gratitude over the holiday.

How often do you stop and think about all of the great things that your mind and body let's you do?

Most of us are caught up in negative, sad or reminising thoughts that we forget to practice gratitude especially when hit with the holiday rush of people / family pleasing focus. We get lost in the todo’s rather than soaking up the greatest moments of spending time with the ones we love all together at once - or maybe the ones who are not with us.

According to studies, gratitude is a super important way to boost your mood and feel more positive and satisfied about life and it can even improve your physical and mental health.

When focused on yourself, gratitude is a great way to help you to feel more positive about your life and family where we are at the moment.

“Don't miss” seeing and hearing the Savior in everything Christmas by putting on your spiritual eyes and ears. We have the power to reframe the moment.

Think of it like this - if you're busy having positive thoughts about the situation, there's a lot less room for negative thoughts to pass through! As an added bonus, you'll get used to thinking about your life in positive terms which can oftentimes be rewarding as you reflect. Statements like, "God this is your battle, not mine can redirect.

Cultivating gratitude for yourself and especially your family isn't always easy to do, especially if you've been struggling with hard times, negative family situations or times of difficult change such as loss. Remember we just said, you have the power to redirect the hearts tune. Kick up gratitude and spice up new family traditions - Mama you are the ringleader catalyst to generational change.

Christmas gratitude adds significance and splendor to the way we celebrate the season be it in a large family gathering or close and intimate environment of love. My prayer is that the Spirit guides you to the testimonies the Heavenly Father wants you and your family to learn.

Think about where your mind sits on a day-to-day basis - Let's grab some holiday spirit. A few examples may include:

“I am thankful for the birth of Jesus.”

"I am thankful for this beautiful Christmas tree."

“I am grateful I can eat with my family that's here.”

“I am thankful I can watch Christmas movies and play family games.”

"I am thankful for family snuggles.”

"Im grateful for my feet for getting me to where I need to go."

"I thank you, my body, for serving me today and taking good care of me."

"I will show gratitude to my body by giving it healthy foods to energize and nourish it"

"I am thankful to use my senses/ smell / taste food, hear great music and experience touch."

"I'm grateful for my eyes to be able to see the world around me."

“I am thankful I can spend holidays with those here right now.”

“I am thankful I can cook.”

“I am thankful I have choices - the power to choose.”

“I am thankful I get to work.”

“I am thankful I do not have to be negative.”

“I am thankful I can shop.”

"I am thankful I can wash dishes."

"I am thankful for ..... "

Jesus taught people how to perfect their personal lives. “Be ye therefore perfect,” He taught, “even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). No we are not perfect but we can perfect.

Get into the habit of listing at least a few things that you feel grateful for with regards to your body, health, family the holiday. Spend 5 or so minutes each day focusing on what's great around you or maybe away from you. We need to remember what we wish had may not always be the best influence. (perspective) Be thankful for family and friends that are able to come and go. With a perspective shift we can see 2023 into a year of change within us rather than placing focus on those around us.

Those who take Christ into their lives as a moving, dynamic, vitalizing force are able to experience the true spirit of Christmas. Make it your intention to experience Christmas differently this year. Seek Jesus to find your way with prayer and gratitude to ease the chaos of Christmas. Be the light others need to see. Be the light others look at for generational change to come. Set the stage. xo

Merry Christmas

Until next time!


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