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How Much Sleep Do You Need To Get Per Night?

Do you remember being told as a kid that you MUST get your 8 hours of sleep in order to learn better? Did you ever think to yourself that your parents and teachers were mak8ng it up just to try to get you to go to bed earlier? I sure did.

Here's the rub... they were right. We need between 7-8 hours of sleep every night to make sure we are giving our brains the proper amount of rerecovery and healing time. You might be asking at this point what in the world your brain needs to recover and heal from. Let me give you a list:

🍟 foods you eat. If you're in this membership it means you're working on this are of your life also but let's just keep th8ngs real. We all eat foods that are damaging. In particular, sugar, flour, oils in fried foods and the list goes on. And while you'll learn from all of us about the detriment of these foods I'm here to tell you that they are extremely harmful to the brain.

🍺 alcohol is possibly one of the worst things you can put in the body for the brain. Alcohol has 0 benefits for the body. I know there is a push for women to drink red wine for heart health and 2 glasses a week is the maximum you should have. Anything above that can and will cause deterioration of the brain.

♻️ the toxins we breathe, just by walking through the open air can cause damage to the brain. There are mold spores, pollution, and other toxins that float around in the air inside and outside.

All of these things require sleep to heal our bodies. And all of these things require sleep to heal our brain. Sleep is by far the most essential part of our day to make sure that we are walking the healthiest walk that we can with the sharpest mind.

So how much sleep do we need to get that beautiful healing power? Answer to that is 7-9 hours. And that is how we get the magic number of 8 hours of sleep per night.

Tell us how much sleep you're getting.

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