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Why Do We Lift Heavy Things?

For me, exercise is all about brain health. There is a direct correlation to lifting weights and Alzheimer's prevention. When we lift weights, we activate a protein called BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor). This is a building block for protection of the brain. But it goes even deeper than that....weight lifting pushes us into autophagy. I know Breanne has talked about autophagy. How does it work for brain health? The same it it works for cancer health, cellular health and other chronic illness prevention. Autophagy is the cleaning up of damaged cells. When we clean up damaged cells, we are giving our bodies a new lease on life. Two ways to attain autophagy on a consistent basis would be regular fasting intervals and weight lifting. I'll let the fasting expert give you more info on how fasting promotes this amazing healing power our bodies have. As for me, I do both. I fast regularly and once a week I fast for 24 hours. And 5-6 days a week a lift weights. I encourage you to give it a try. And don't worry, ladies, you can lift heavy weights without getting bulky. To bulk up like a man, nearly all women need to take steroids. Our bodies simply are not designed to have that type of physique. Furthermore, by lifting weights, you protect your bones. Remember how we used to hear that we needed calcium for bone health. Well, that wasn't exactly accurate. In fact, just drinking milk doesn't do it for bone health. You need calcium combined with other supplements for bone health, but honestly, why take a pill when you can put a weight in your hand and strengthen your bones, brain and heal your body? I ask you....which sounds better? Pharmaceuticals and supplements are a money grab. Give your body the fighting chance it needs and work on it physically. I do agree that we are in need of supplements for SOME things but NOT for bone health and certainly not for weight loss. Let's lift together.

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